SoundCloud artist Emmét McGonagle dropped his latest single to us and promised a high-quality folk song straight out of Cardiff. The question is, did he deliver?

Pledging a new perspective on the world of folk music, I had high hopes for Emmét’s single. Naturally, I went in with a critical ear. What struck me immediately is that Emmét’s tone sounds comparable to Catfish and the Bottlemen’s frontman Van McCann – I could see Emmét opening for Catfish sometime in the future, and would encourage him to chase that sound. Sonically, the track feels wholesome and natural to McGonagle.

It’s not quite the new perspective on folk I was expecting, but it is a great addition to the ranks. All he needs to do now is develop his songs, and try and figure out quite what effect he wants his music to have; today, indie music has become overly common and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of guitars and vocals found online. Emmét is on the right path, and Like Landslides is a great start for his career.

In short, yeah: Emmét did deliver, and he did a great job. There’s plenty of unsigned artists in the world, many of which deserve their time in the limelight. Like Landslides left me wanting more, only because I feel like more is what this artist needs to stand out.

The single officially releases on the 17th of November, so be sure to check it out when it finally drops.

3.5 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.

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