Playfulness and immersive power, ASIWYFA return with their latest venture – The Endless Shimmering.

The pulses of the masses hang behind your back as the crowd opens up before you. As your muscles cry for respite, your adrenaline flings you forward, but this is all immaterial. Your nervous system lights up and the band pulls you through a journey, master puppeteers of the very ether of your consciousness. The guitarist flies off the stage, into the wake that has formed by the bodies that surround you. He is within touching distance, you have your arm on the back of the very man who controls you with his fingertips; the notes he plays force all your neurones to yell every emotion at you.

You don’t think. Only feel.

As the band build their sound, energy flows through them and into you. They have utter control, but they wait. Riffs blend together like waves in an ocean, all unique yet unequivocally connected. You see the eyes of everyone around you fill with the same intensity of anticipation as you feel. It’s here. It feels like the entire day has built up to this very moment. You are just a leaf, one that was once aboard a subtle breeze, which has now been swallowed by a chaotic storm. Then, it fucking kicks off. The guitarist lets go. The mosh elevates him, a god in his own world. He floats on a sea of hands, you float on a sea of sound; it’s a meditation of sorts.

That was me the last time I saw ASIWYFA live – before The Endless Shimmering even came out.

Every song on this album takes me back to that experience. What a testament to the writing ability of this band. It doesn’t matter if you are in your bedroom, on your own, rocking out in your pants or listening intently through headphones; it is as if you are there again. With every album that the band have released, they have built upon the one before, yet they make it sound increasingly unique every time.

The Endless Shimmering highlights what the band do so well, you can hear parts of almost every album reincarnated in their latest work. Every song builds anticipation, leaving you to wonder where on earth the song could go next, then your question is answered by a turn in an entirely surprising direction. ASIWYFA have a playfulness about their sound, they have built it from a foundation of technical skill and immersive power. When listening to this band I feel as though they are playing with my senses as they play their instruments.

If you have never listened to this band, one of their most interesting features is that there is no singer. Commonly, so much of the emotion in a song is provided by the story painted by the lyrics. I feel that by removing this, it forces the band to up their game. So, it leaves me to question, how do you portray a message or emotion without vocal articulation? You follow the precedence set by ASIWYFA, articulating a story through the manipulation of music itself. Every riff and drum beat seem very liberal; however, it is clear that each one has been masterfully constructed.

I always find myself wondering how to explain why you like something. You can use code words, describing the guitar sounds or the power but it doesn’t really get to the essence of what you are feeling. When you listen to a song that you love, it isn’t just love, it is more than that. Inexpressible. A realm that only ASIWYFA can put you in. Somethings cannot be explained with words, so why try? I feel as though this band, with this album in particular, they have a power to take you on a journey that no other can. If you don’t listen to this album you are truly missing out. You must come along for the journey, we are leaving on an adventure whether you are ready or not.

6/5 Bytes.

By Guest Writer Alfie Emery.


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