After their previous creation, Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson moved across the continent to pursue their dreams. Wishing them all the best, we take a look at their newest single, Can’t Stop Me Now.

The track jumps straight into action without an accustom acoustic intro, a song that wouldn’t be amiss in a coming-of-age movie. The artist aptly sums up the track, as being “about all the things that happen when you chase your dreams. The friendships you ruin, the people you say goodbye too and all the crazy things you do to follow this feeling in your heart.”

The song has an incredibly optimistic feeling about it, the two vocalists harmonise with one another over somewhat basic guitar chords. The cheerful message and inspiring context blend wonderfully together, it feels as though Chris and Nicole have struck gold.

Moreover, this song is a stark contrast to their previous single, Out of the Dark, and I really enjoyed listening to them shifting their sound. Despite this change, I am very happy that the passion that I raved about in my previous review has remained an integral part of the duo’s sound.

This song is a moving and enthusiastic effort on a sensitive topic that’s close to some of our hearts, as university students, we’re well versed in the idea of moving away from home. Whilst their covers on YouTube are great, I’m now adamant that their own work is their best. With a little work on their production and marketing, there is nothing stopping these two from going places.

4 / 5 Bytes

Will Wilkins

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