Hey guys, congratulations on the new album. Please feel free to go into as much detail as you please in these questions. Looking forward to hearing your responses!

1)   How has 2017 treated you so far? It must be an exciting time for you with the imminent release of your newest studio album.

It´s been a busy year! We spent the first half working on the album in the studio, then had 15 shows during the summer and we’ve finally got the release coming soon! We can´t wait to get back on the road with new material. It´s been two and a half years since the last record so yeah, we´re pretty excited to be back!

2)   Of course, the inspiration behind your craft could be infinite, however, if you could narrow it down, how would you describe the driving forces behind your music?

It’s hard to describe, ‘cause usually every song represents different feelings at various point in your life, and the ideas behind this album grew over the last 3 years. My biggest driving force is to write music. It’s like a punchbag for me, hitting until I get results, until I’ve released all my demons. The best feeling that you can get as a songwriter is when you play in front of 1000 people and they all sing your song back to you. Imagine that.

3)   What makes Bad Blood Rising special? Why should people listen to your album?

We really put our hearts into this album, it’s much more personal than the two before. There are so many different feelings on this record that most can relate to. It’s not an average rock album, there are different styles, different subjects, different arrangements in every song. It’s like a journey through our experiences over the past three years. If you listen to the song “Breathe” for example, it’s something totally different that we’ve done before. The story behind that goes back four years, when a person very close to me died. I tried to write song about this, but never got round to being happy with it until last Autumn, which just so happened to be when we were writing songs for the album.

4)   When introducing a friend to your music, what song should I show them first? What is the quintessential Santa Cruz track?

Maybe River Phoenix from the new album, that has everything that usual Santa Cruz track has.

5)   So, it’s not long until you embark on your December tour of the UK. How taxing do you expect that’ll be? It must take a lot of energy.

We love to be on tour, it’s like a vacation with your friends and as a bonus you get to play every night and meet new people. I could not be more happy to get over there again. The UK was also the first place where we did a tour abroad, so it’s a special place for us.

6)   Do you have any crazy stories? What’s the most ‘rock and roll’ thing that you have ever experienced as a band?

I won’t say too much. Imagine a trashed London hotel room, people walking around like zombies, combined with paramedics and police. We wrote a song about it on our last record called, Wasted & Wounded.

7)   What do you think the future will hold for Santa Cruz?

Hopefully lots of touring and playing big festivals around the world. Making more new albums. We’re pretty simple guys when it comes to that. We just love what we do.

8)   Finally, how would you like to be remembered as a band?

The greatest Rock band of 21st Century (Impossible to be all-time greatest because of Led Zeppelin)

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us!
‘Bad Blood Rising’ is out 10th November via M-Theory Audio. Pre-order links:
Latest music video
‘Young Blood Rising’ – https://youtu.be/7TWkmy5ELJc
Upcoming UK Tour Dates

05.12. Nottingham, UK – Rescue Rooms
06.12. Milton Keynes, UK – Crauford Arms
07.12. Grimsby, UK – Yardbirds
08.12. Sheffield, UK – Corporation
09.12. Birmingham, UK – The Flapper
10.12. Glasgow, UK – Cathouse
12.12. Manchester, UK – Academy 3
13.12. London, UK – Underworld
14.12. Chester, UK – The Live Rooms
15.12. Swansea, UK – Sin City
16.12. Bournemouth, UK – Anvil
17.12. Norwich, UK – Waterfront

Aaron Jackson

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