There still may not be an album from Fickle Friends, but they build on their already impressive discography with their newest single Hard To Be Myself.

Fickle Friends are a band that have featured on several of my reviews for WaveByte; they deserve the coverage as they have had an impressive summer, featuring on a range of festivals in an attempt to build a strong fan base. Up to this point, the band have done everything right. They have produced a constant stream of music and mad a name for themselves with a relentless tour schedule.

Their music blends a feel-good energy with an indie pop style. Most importantly Fickle Friends produce catchy songs that sound impressive, both on their albums and in live performances, what more could you want? Nothing has changed with their newest release Hard to Be Myself, it is infectious and touches on topics that appeal to its target audience. The title of the track itself plays into the assumption that Fickle Friends’ fans are predominantly teens, naturally the song is relatable to a lot of listeners.

One of things I really like about this song is the way in which the band intertwine the message of the track with their sound; it may have a catchy, indie pop exterior yet it highlights social anxiety and informs the listener that despite it being hard, everything will be okay.

Sure, it may not be my favourite Fickle Friends song but I do feel as though it will be a crowd pleaser live. The message of the song speaks to me somewhat and that is one of the best parts of being a fan of a band. I would recommend you take a look at Fickle Friends because when their debut album is finally released, they will be propelled into the spotlight.

4/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law


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