Don Broco hit us with their third single release of the year – but will it keep the same high standards of its predecessors Pretty and Technology?

My love for Don Broco started 3 or so years ago; they intrigued me, producing heavy-hitting music whilst still keeping this ‘pretty boy’ persona – styling themselves in the conventional boy band attire. It was something which really stood out to me, and of course, when I discovered them, ‘Automatic’ had not long been released (which truly is just a fantastic album if you haven’t heard it you really should put an hour or so aside to go and do so).

Now getting more into Don Broco’s recent activity, you will be able to see Aaron has reviewed their two most recent songs before, so you can check them out here:

Pretty –

Technology –

I will try and talk as little about them as possible, but I will talk about seeing the band live at Reading Festival where they were introduced as the secret set on the final day of the festival. This was my first time seeing Broco and boy did it kick off. Rob Damiani just has a way to get the crowd on side and allow everyone to get the most out of the bands set. Dan then went on to play with the emotions of everyone in the crowd saying the new album is recorded and ready to blow us away, a prospect which was clearly exciting everyone in the tent on that late afternoon.

Now moving into ‘Stay Ignorant’, it starts softly with an extremely catchy beat, one which you find it hard not to bop your head up and down to. But I will admit when first listening to the song I was confused. It just was the complete opposite of what I expected. However 45 seconds in, the chorus kicks off and it blows you away, the sudden change in tempo really reminds you that you are listening to a Don Broco song and yes it is another banger. The chorus then works itself back to a second verse, a verse you appreciate much more than the first just because by that point in the song you know what you’ve got yourself into. You’re accustomed to the change between the singing in the chorus and the more rap like style of the verse, this linked with the bridge in the track really makes for something different, but special.

It’s the type of song that the more you listen to it the better it gets, and I’m sure hearing it live, something I’ll be doing in November, will only cement it as more of a smash hit. Don Broco’s new album being on the horizon is something that all music fans should be excited for, the tracks they’ve already released set it up to be a force to be reckoned with.

4/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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