The boys are back to making new music after a lengthy time away touring.

My relationship with The Hunna is one that goes back to the beginning; I remember sitting on YouTube listening to She’s Casual and Bonfire when they both were on 200 views. Since then I have seen The Hunna at their first show (supporting Coasts,) their first headline show at Boston Music Rooms (which in reality is a tiny venue, probably fitting about 200 people when full.) I went on to see the band at countless other places, and over a year later, the boys are selling out the O2 Sheppard’s Bush. It’s a prospect which leaves me feeling extremely proud of them.

I think when including Reading Festival, I have seen The Hunna live around 10 times now. I feel as though this has somewhat left me as the engineer of my own downfall. The Hunna’s debut album is only just a bit over a year old, however to me it seems much older; the songs which feature upon it are songs I had heard early due to seeing The Hunna so much. Due to that, I have been left wanting more from the band, just because I’ve been craving new music from them. Then there I am, minding my own business and a notification came through on my phone teasing a new song named Summer.

It finally happened; The Hunna have released a new song and I have a platform to talk and let people know about one of my favorite bands of all time (despite most people now knowing who they are.)

Going into this song I must admit I was overtaken with a few emotions. I was excited sure, but I was also extremely nervous. The Hunna are growing at a more than impressive rate and because of this I was slightly weary, I did not want their music to be commercially taken over, to only strive towards the growth of the band rather than producing great music. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Sure the song has a commercial aspect to it, but it also retains the classic Hunna feel. It could fit in the first album by creating the perfect mix of a commercial rock music sound and mix it with Ryan’s vocals, with the support of the rest of the band, leaving it at a healthy mix of the two.

When a song is the first single to be released, it’s especially important for it to build traction of some sort, and this song will do just that. However, I can’t help to notice it somewhat resembles a track of their debut album, Brother. To me, this isn’t too much of a bother; Brother is one of my least favorite songs from the first album and what they’ve done is made a song which sounds a little similar, but improves on it greatly, which I enjoy, though I would have liked the song to have a little bit more originality to it.

Summer definitely isn’t The Hunna’s best music, but like I said it’s a build up for hopefully bigger and better things in their second album, an album I pray keeps to its roots that were forged by the first album and isn’t overrun by a commercial demand I’m sure is being put onto the band. If you haven’t listened to The Hunna, I hope this review makes them a name you go check out.

They are a band I would love to one-day interview especially after seeing their growth from unknown to where they are now and where they are going to go in the future, some of my best music memories have been created by The Hunna and I hope there are plenty more still to come.


Me and The Hunna after their show @ The Electric Ballroom

3.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law


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