Well, at least they aren’t making a dubstep album…

Who remembers the good old days where Fall Out Boy were releasing banger after banger? Then we approached the Save Rock And Roll era and, despite it still somewhat resembling the Fall Out Boy we knew and loved, it really marked the beginning of the end for the band that I, and many others, were once impassioned by.

The last Fall Out Boy song we reviewed (Young And Menace) was the kind of song you’d throw on top of an MLG no-scope montage on your YouTube channel. Fortunately, The Last Of The Real Ones does not fall into the same category. Personally, going into this song I was nervous, and despite throughout the song Patrick Stump reiterating “I’m here at the beginning of the end” (hopefully not referring to this new album putting the final nail in their coffin) the song is still an improvement on their last release we looked at which really was atrocious.

My main issue with The Last Of The Real Ones is the fact it doesn’t really go anywhere, the beat is generic, there is no real skill been used in the production of the song. The only skill, of course, being Patrick Stump’s incredible voice which, amongst the crap that the band have been releasing in recent years, has been a shining light. Perhaps this is as it holds the familiarity that links us back to Fall Out Boy’s old music.

The Last Of The Real Ones is a step back towards the right direction for Fall Out Boy. Do I like it? Not particularly, but it does give me hope that an old version of the band we all loved is still there, despite their insistent commercialization doing its best attempt to hide that. I think our last hope is that all the songs yet to be released from their new album are world class, which would allow us to overlook the last few tracks that they have released.

3/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.


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