“Are you getting nervous?” – Nah, just excited.

Enter Shikari tease once more as they release their second single, Rabble Rouser, from their upcoming album, The Spark, due on the 23rd September 2017. Having already dropped Live Outside at the end of last month, Shikari have significantly whet the appetite of their fans for new material. Rabble Rouser sees their sound differ from their first release, like much of their discography the band uniquely litter the heavier traits of their music with electronic elements.

As the guitar of Rory Clewlow couples the metronomic electronics, we are greeted by the familiar voice of Rou Reynolds. Unlike Live Outside, where we hear the vocalist journey through a variety of notes during the chorus in a typically sing-song fashion, this venture sees Reynolds deploy the fast-paced lyrics that are also commonplace in a fair portion of their songs. His rapped vocals build phenomenal suspense as the song builds.

Within the first few lines, Shikari call out their peers in the industry, stating that rock stars are “so stock”. Although their message can, of course, be analysed with political undertones (it is Enter Shikari after all) this lyric can quite easily be taken at face value. The band appear frustrated by the brainwashed elements of the music industry which see many afraid to use their platform to deliver their true opinion, agree with their views or not, it is hard to deny their courage when it comes to standing up for what they believe in.

The vocals continue to energise before halting a series of times for short instrumental interludes, these appear to owe homage to trance music. As the beat continues to grow, it is hard not to move your body to this one. At the chorus, Reynolds builds another layer of vocals, he asks “are you nervous?” in falsetto. He continues to blend the two different vocal styles as the electronics become more frantic and build even further.

With lyrics such as “are you nervous?”, “warning, this escalates quickly” and “you can’t keep track of the hell we raise”, one can only imagine that this song is part of a larger work. Largely, Shikari’s previous albums have featured songs that intertwine with one another, I hope this is a similar venture. The energy simmers throughout this track, however, I cannot help but feel that following it up with an explosive number would be absolutely killer.

The excitement this song fills me with is remarkable, I am intrigued as to how it fits the sound of the album and question just how mental it will be live at Alexandra Palace in November. I already cannot help but shimmy my head to this one. My pickle has been well and truly tickled.

4/5 Bytes.

Written by Callum Huthwaite (Twitter: @CallumHuthwaite , Insta: @chuthwaite)

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