I hadn’t previously heard of George Glew. I wasn’t even actively looking for him. I opened up an email and clicked a link. It was a decision that saved my day and instantly changed my mood.

This gut punching piece by George Glew is one of my favourite submission to date; a deep-rooted soulful piece that sets your mind to wander, and is entirely thought provoking. Capturing the musical likeness of Harry Style’s Sign of the Times, the song would fit in well within the UK charts.

The chorus is a personal highlight for me; the music seamlessly shifts from an electric guitar to synth-wave vocals. This level of added bass means that George’s already magnificent voice is magnified due to the contrast. It’s a really neat feature that I haven’t heard in too often, adding a sense of individuality to this very personal piece.

Me and My Brother is an intense piece; intense due to its raw honesty and sheer personality. You simply must check this piece out. I’m going to keep an eye out for Glew in the future.

4 / 5 Bytes

Will Wilkins

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