Fresh faced and nail-bitingly exciting – Fizzy Blood could well be the next British band to blow up.

The name itself intrigues. “Fizzy Blood” – provocative and entirely dynamic – both of which are qualities that one can certainly assign to their music. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to enjoy Summer Of Luv for a few weeks now, however, prior to this, I never had the pleasure of experiencing this band before. As humans, we are intrinsically judgmental, and first impressions are fundamental. The record’s inception rests on the shoulders of Pawn, a track that begins with blistering tenacity. The pace is established and carried by a driven rhythm section, whilst the guitar parts, albeit relatively simple, are kept so intelligently, in order to ensure the frenetic nature of the song. The vocals ooze spite and connote urgency – this band have a point to prove.

ADHD is Fizzy Blood’s most recent single and is certainly a standout. The conversational call and response riff that runs through the verses offers a welcome change of dynamic from Pawn. In addition to demonstrating variety, the five-piece waste no time in proving their mettle from a technical standpoint. Subtleties such as the employment of a cowbell are examples of how a simple shift in timbre can be so effective when furthering the depth of an outfit’s overall sound.

The persistence in proving the capabilities of this band continues in the appropriately named, Haunted. It is this song where we really hear a certain ‘gothic’ element that is somewhat synonymous with Fizzy Blood’s general image. Poised to begin with, the best adjective to describe the way in which the crooning vocals float above the reverberated guitar is ‘haunting’ – they really nailed it. The song explodes and the once timid riff evolves into a brute. Now, we are hearing a swaggering confidence in their playing and this offers up a slightly warped take on a bluesy riff.

Track four is the EP’s titular track. Once again, we hear the complexities in dynamics that we already know the band are capable of – angular guitar riffs that effortlessly incorporate themselves atop of the rhythm section are once again at the fore, alongside the vocals, of course. The best part of this track, however, is the chorus. Arguably, for the first time on the record, we have a hook that is irritatingly catchy – the type that lingers in your head. For better or for worse, this is one of the main aspects that will keep listeners coming back – Fizzy Blood should hone in on this.

The record ends with Healing Isn’t Free, an undeniably impressive song. The way in which each instrument manages to dance around each other is delightful and this is surely the best demonstration of the aforementioned technical capabilities that Fizzy Blood possess. That being said, the song doesn’t really go anywhere – we are held in a bluesy limbo. Again, I would emphasise the argument that, if this song had that killer hook, it would be far more accessible and therefore, potentially make a greater impression on the overall record.

I genuinely believe that this band are destined for great things. It’s early doors for them as they only formed in 2014 and so, naturally, there is room to grow. Nonetheless, Summer Of Luv is a great release that will surely allow them to make a lasting impression on the listeners that they are able to reach. Keep your eye on these guys, I certainly will be.

4/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.

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