Hard-hitting, gritty and fluid – meet the aptly named, Anonymuz; an American, part-time gamer, part-time rapper, dropping his first project since the 2016 record Vice City.

The title ‘Urameshi’ takes inspiration from the main protagonist featured in the hit anime and manga series ‘YuYu Hakusho’ (nope – not heard of it either,) a not-so-subtle homage to his connections in gaming; to which I am reliably informed is streamed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on his personal Twitch channel. With a relatively trivial Spotify monthly listening of 29,000, Anonymuz has left a respectable impression on me.

Track 2, conveniently labelled after the EP title, simply pops – a heavy, distorted bassline build the foundations for a cracking snare, simple keys and tearing lyricism, parted into two verses. Anonymuz refers to the floors in the current rap scene, drawing upon fans lust to hear a good beat rather than the lyrics. He adds to his disgruntlement in the line after, rapping his frustrations with artists boasting their wealth, rather than having a clear motive – something mainstream rappers seem to miss. This statement, of course, excluding Kendrick, whose motives have set upon stressing and underlining the submission of blacks in 21st Century America.

What has been so enjoyable about discovering this project is the individuality of his lyrical presence, I find myself returning to it several times, each time discovering something new. It’s not mainstream, it doesn’t have a memorable hook or leave you grasping for more. But what it does do, is fill you with intrigue and appreciation for well-produced rap, trying to find a common ground with other artists work. Vibes of Vince Staples, Vic Mensa and Pusha T burst in my ears, but with enough individuality to stand for himself.

Urameshi is my first tasting of Anonymuz, and a sweet one it has been. For a fan of rap music, there is an unnatural number of artists I refuse to listen to, simply down to the fact it doesn’t click with me – but that’s what music is about, entirely personal. This EP isn’t going to be a daily requirement in my collection, but what it does do is widen my artist knowledge, something that will sit contently in my Spotify Daily Mix or random playlists; I will be sure to share and spread the word of.

3/5 Bytes

James Donaldson

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