Arcane Roots come at us with their newest single, but do they give everything?

Another WaveByte writer introduced me to Arcane Roots; Aaron Jackson was quick to show off the band upon our first meeting at University, and since then I haven’t really looked back. Arcane Roots are truly a fantastic band, one that is continuously expanding their extremely passionate fanbase by adding to their exceptional track list with banger after banger.

Everything (All At Once) is an interesting one. The tone of the song is set early on, and it then keeps that intensity throughout the duration of the song. This is the case until the final minute of the song is reached, the instrumental backing is then cut and we are left with frontman Andrew Groves vocals, the backing then begins to build again and leaves us with a magnificent outro to the song, which for me really is the highlight of the track.

However the song is not without issue, in my opinion, the song is repetitive and doesn’t really go anywhere until we reach the outro, which is a shame because there are a lot of aspects in the track which are insanely good, I just can’t help but of wanted something a little more from it after listening.

One thing I can put a safe bet on is that this song will be insane live; the instrumentation is too good on the track for it not to be a highlight of a live set, and I’m sure after hearing it live I will like the track a lot more. This, added to the stories I’ve already heard of how legendary their live sets are, fills me with great excitement surrounding seeing them at this year’s Reading Festival, which I will be covering in less than a weeks time.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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