Two years on from an impressive self-titled debut album, Coasts are back with This Life.

Flash back to the summer of 2015 and you’ll find myself eagerly awaiting the release of Coasts’ debut. I had been utterly enticed by the likes of A Rush of Blood and Oceans – songs that sparked my love for this ever-talented five piece. Their first album dropped in the September of that year and it was also around this time I was fortunate enough to see them at their headline show at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Coasts, in my opinion, didn’t satisfy the hype that I had personally anticipated for the album. Perhaps this is an issue that only I experienced, however, I can’t help but feel as though this was the case for a lot of their fans at the time of the release. This certainly wasn’t a narrative of failure – the album was laced with some stellar tracks – it just left many fans wanting a lot more. Perhaps in response to this demand, the ‘Deluxe Edition’ appeared in the following January, showcasing a further six tracks. Whilst serving to flesh out what was a relatively humble discography, I must admit that these songs weren’t held in the same regard as the original album, they somewhat failed to match the quality that had been previously established.

Fast forward to the summer of 2017 and, once again I find myself basking in pure excitement for the release of This Life on 18th of August. I am fortunate enough to have already listened to the 10-track album and I must confess that the hype this time round is very much merited – I think Coasts have achieved what they previously may have fallen short of.

Many will agree that the second album is the make or break for bands and artists alike. The debut piece serves as a platform from which the sophomore should push on from (this being easier said than done – it is an arduous task which many fail to overcome). Here, Coasts exhibit a strong album that sufficiently makes use of the foundations that they had established in the past. As a collective, the album works extremely well. Attention will be attracted with the incorporation of the five singles that have already been released (Take Me Back Home being a particular standout), all of which are brilliant as standalone songs too. The album also has some hidden gems, which people are yet to hear, White Noise being my personal favourite at the moment.

Just as was the case with the debut, I do wish that this album was slightly longer, however, I’m not left in such a limbo, I’m much more satisfied. This makes for an extremely exciting prospect – this band are certainly headed in the direction that I had always hoped they would. Also, I wouldn’t be overly surprised to see Coasts drop a handful of extra tracks in another ‘Deluxe Edition’ in the next few months.

I never expected that two years on from being in their crowd that I would be in the position to listen to and review Coasts’ second album before its release to the masses. For that, I must say a huge thank you to the band and everyone associated with them for making this happen and allowing me the opportunity to do this.

You can get your hands on This Life on August 18th via High Time Records

4/5 Bytes.

Review by Jamie Law.

In addition to allowing us access to their new album, Chris from the band was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions from our editor…

Coasts Press Shot New

Aaron: The past few years have obviously been huge for you guys – your debut album was incredibly well received and gained a great deal of attention. How is 2017 shaping up? With the new album due, does it feel like something even bigger is coming?

Chris: 2017 has been spent finishing writing and recording our second record. We’ve put absolutely everything into it and just hope that our fans love it as much as we do. We want to carry on growing that fan base over the course of this album through touring. We have big ambitions.

Aaron: I read that you started off by rehearsing in the crypt of a church. How does that come about and would you say that it had any influence on you as an outfit?

Chris: It was basically the cheapest place we could rehearse so it wasn’t like we were seeking out religious locations to make noise in. I don’t think it necessarily had a great impact on our music. Apart from the fact that the reverb was out of control and we had to try really hard to hear each other!

Aaron: So, it’s not long until you embark on your mammoth 38-date tour. How taxing do you expect that’ll be? It must take a lot out of you constantly grafting up and down the country.

Chris: We’ve done some pretty brutal tours over the years so this one should be a breeze! We love playing live and that adrenaline you get just blows away any tiredness or boredom. We will never complain about touring because we love it!

Aaron: Do you have any crazy stories? What’s the most ‘rock and roll’ thing that you have ever experienced as a band?

Chris: Unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to print many of them. We’ve had quite a few crazy parties whilst on tour, that’s all I’ll say.

Aaron: What do you think the future will hold for Coasts?

Chris: I wish I could predict the future but all I can hope for is that we are still writing and playing music for many years to come. We want to be as big as we possibly can be. Let’s see how long it takes us!

Aaron: Finally, how would you like to be remembered as a band?

Chris: If we’re remembered and not forgotten then that’s all that matters

Interview by Aaron Jackson.

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