It’s finally time to sign on and tune into the debut album coming from Rat Boy!

‘Scum’ is comprised of 25 tracks and interludes to complete the debut piece from the Essex born artist. Jordan Cardy had already created a strong firm fan base prior to this debut release by making appearances at Reading and Leeds Festival and supporting bands such as The 1975 and Circa Waves, but not to forget the energy-packed sets that he brings to every stop on his own tours.

The tour consists of Liam Haygarth (bass), Harry Todd (guitar) and Noah Booth (drums), and what a ride the band have already been on, winning multiple awards for ‘Best New Act’ throughout the duration of the last three years. Despite the similarities the band has faced to Jamie T, which is seemingly brought up time and time again, Jordan has proved he can stand on his own two feet with the release of ‘Scum’.

Songs such as ‘Sign On’ and ‘Get Over It’ (which everyone has grown to know and love) act as the pillars of the album, although this doesn’t take credit away from the remaining tracks what so ever. ‘Boiling Point’ identifies multiple affairs occurring in the present times; highlighting events like Brexit, Capitalism and the lack of help for the homeless by writing, “How can you let people on the street freeze?”. All this contributing to the impression that Jordan is more intelligent than what he gives off, and his talent doesn’t stop there. Global superstar Kendrick Lamar even saw his potential after sampling pieces from Cardy’s song “Knock Knock Knock” which can now be found on Kendrick’s song “Lust” from his fourth studio album, which has already reached double platinum status.

With Jordan’s references to moments that will become history, as well as his talent in music and art going hand in hand, we as the audience are presented with the proposal that he and his Burberry Branded Car and Scooter could still be around for many years to come.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Daniel Baker.

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