Hitting it hard out of the Surrey blocks, Gold Phoenix have entirely encapsulated my interest with their latest single, Lotion.

I’m a stickler for classic rock, and I get excited whenever new talent emerges to carry on hoisting up the metaphorical classic rock torch. Lotion welcomes us with a riff that absolutely tears through the speakers. The influences are already noticeable; not unlike the iconic riff to Rock & Roll All Nite by KISS, the guitar resonates into our ears until joined by a solid drum track, partnered with a beautifully exhibited piece of bass.

The music is absolutely enthralling, balls to the wall, in your face and reeking of sex; the way rock should be. It wraps around your core and encourages you to move and shake. With sounds similar to legendary bands ACDC and Led Zeppelin, Gold Phoenix are a fresh addition to the halls of indie stardom.

Their previous single, Oh So Hard, was released on Spotify last year, and I beg you to go and listen to it. Gold Phoenix are going places, their sound is near-perfect and crunchy. Unfortunately, there’s not much for me to say about Lotion, except that I’m sure that anyone who considers themselves to enjoy rock music will love it.

Frankly, I’ve been on a binge of classic rock recently and I’m ecstatic that Gold Phoenix have kick down the door and entered my life. It’s a sound that I hold great prospect in witnessing live soon, a band that I will certainly be keeping an eye out for in their bright future. Keep rocking, boys.

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Will Wilkins


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