The Seaboiz don’t disappoint as they pop off another stellar summer jam.

Following the release of Apartment in July, Seaway are back at it as they drop their latest single Something Wonderful. The vibe that resonates from their newest material encapsulates the essence of Seaway, belting out big chorus’ whilst cracking open a cold one in the sun.

The song starts as Ryan Locke bounces his vocals jubilantly with the pace of the drums, in typical Seaway fashion he is met with the vocals of Patrick Carleton who mirrors them. The beauty of the vocal collaboration in Seaway is how well the two voices complement one another, the rasp of Locke is kneaded perfectly with the soothing, softer tones of Carleton. Something Wonderful exercises this as they blend together in the chorus, and what an effort it is.

Their previous releases have shown the fans that the band does not shy away from a huge chorus, proven by multiple tracks off both Hoser and Colour Blind. Their latest venture also does not disappoint, fancifully singing that “we are good together” the band irks the listener to join them in voice. It only takes a couple of listens (at a push) to oblige.

The song breaks itself down with an acoustic guitar which is soon greeted by harmonies from the band, Locke proceeds to build his vocals which are met with the drums once more. Understandably, the song dances back into the summer party. The lyrics to this song seem to reject the expectations of the genre, no one here wants to hate their parents or leave their town, instead they sing of love and the happiness that can be found when you cut the bullshit. The band don’t have a negative vibe about them, if one thing is guaranteed when listening to Seaway it is that they can induce a smile with any of their songs.

The new album, set for release on September 15th, excites me greatly. The band have a tough act to follow after 2015’s Colour Blind, however the new tracks ooze promise. I cannot wait for this release and the UK tour that I hope follows.

4/5 Bytes.

Guest writer: Callum Huthwaite.

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