Taking a step back from the dance-infused vibe of their self-entitled EP, Smallpools return to the scene with the artistic Passenger Side; a love-song to the open road of American deserts and all the passion that comes with it.

Smallpools have never exactly been lyric-heavy, with deep and meaningful lyrics taking the backseat of their songs. However, Passenger Side creates perfectly simple imagery with the repetitive chorus, with each reprise featuring a simple change in lyrics (“While you slip your bra from your ripped t-shirt” later changing to “While you switch the song from your cracked iPhone.”) Tonally, Smallpools have always been about making you tap your feet and head bob – their electro-pop instrumentals will have you moving in some way. It’s clear to see the inspirations laden in both Smallpools’ discography and this song in particular, with aspects from artists such as Foster the People and fun. revealing themselves in the guise of fantastic track beats to the layered vocalisation.

In truth, this is a new requirement to any of my ‘Road Trip’ playlists, with its invitational good feeling but not too excessive on speed and tempo. The bridge in the latter stages of the song is a pleasant shake-up to the repetitiveness before erupting into one final chorus. Passenger Side paves the way ready for Smallpools’ new EP, set to debut on the fourth of August. For fans of Smallpools, such as myself, this is quite a big deal – before the previous single from this album, Million Bucks, the last song released by the Las Vegas-quintet, was released in 2016; before that single, 2015, and before that their debut EP from 2013.

Smallpools short discography is laden with hidden gems, with Dreaming and Over & Over from their debut EP being some of my all-time favourite party songs. Perfectly upbeat, they’ll get you on your feet without a doubt; hence, I am eagerly anticipating the release of the new album THE SCIENCE OF LETTING GO, and utterly endorse this band to anyone with a pure love for good music. Still, this isn’t one of their best, and one can only hope that SCIENCE will rekindle the utmost respect and love I have for Smallpools.

3/5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.

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