Coupled with the announcement of their second LP Shapeshifter, Knuckle Puck treat fans to energetic new track Gone.

Having released two songs earlier on in the year (Calendar Days and Indecisive), it was a treat to hear even more new music from the band. Gone makes up for the energy they appeared to be lacking in the aforementioned tracks. The band propel through the first verse with bouncing chords and drums that drive the listener boisterously to the chorus.

Knuckle Puck honed their craft during 2015’s Copacetic, an album that sees a collection of catchy songs in which the vocals of Joe Taylor are met with harmonies from the rest of the band. Once again, they fail to disappoint. Familiar cries of “gone” remind listeners of song Evergreen, Taylor aggressively joins the conversation in the chorus by explaining how he has been “fading away”.

The vigour of this song is unprecedented, borrowing some of the power from songs such as Pretense and No Good, the release of this track is certain to wet the whistle for fans of the band’s live performances. The chorus is catchy and demands an irresistible head bob, even from those listening quietly through headphones. The band decorate the breakdown with the vocals of Taylor calmly repeating “shapeshifter”, before colliding with the rest of the band to bring the song home in a lively Knuckle Puck style.

One of my personal favourite elements of the band is their choice of lyrics, unlike a fair number of bands in this genre, Knuckle Puck seem to write lyrics that are not only clever but satisfy the aesthetic of their work. As a whole, the general look of the new album is very promising. Having deleted all of their Instagram posts it appears that the band are re-branding, laying out a blank canvas for their latest creative endeavour.

When the full album drops on October 13th, Knuckle Puck could once again fight to prove that they are one of the most electrifying bands in the genre.

4/5 Bytes.

By guest writer: Callum Huthwaite.

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