Cocky swagger carried by a hard-hitting beat. The Bedford boys have confirmed their sound of 2017.

These guys have never been ones to shy away from pushing the boundaries of the way in which their music is conveyed to an audience. Technology is the third single released in the run up to Don Broco’s forthcoming full-length release and it certainly follows the sonic trend that the outfit had previously established within Everybody and Pretty. The track opens with a cheesy, electronica beat (most likely playing on the whole theme of the monotonous nature of our modern-day tech obsession) only to be thwarted by a bone-crushingly chugged riff. This is just one of the many factors that sets Broco apart from the crowd.

The verses are relatively typical of their general dynamic. Every aspect is layered on top of a smooth, straightforward beat – the kind that it’s impossible not to bob along to. In addition to this is the loveable and intrinsic arrogance that flows through the vocals of frontman, Rob Damiani. In my opinion, although divisive in the past, Broco keep moving from strength to strength and, now more than ever, they are gaining traction with a wider reach of fans. The material that Donny B have been churning out lately is increasingly less dislikeable.

What impresses me about Technology particularly is the heavier emphasis on the vocals of drummer, Matt Donnelly. Throughout their discography, we have heard the potential capabilities of Donnelly’s voice – where Damiani boasts a deep and crooning register, Donnelly offers something silkier. Throughout the (incredibly catchy) chorus, both vocalists operate in perfect coalition with each other – to the point where no voice adopts any definitive foreground. The results ensure that the chorus maintains its punch whilst simultaneously flowing with a sensational fluidity. Furthermore, Donnelly takes an entire verse to himself – an unfamiliar approach by the band, but certainly not an unwelcome one.

The quality of the song drops somewhat in the breakdown. For the best part of a minute, we deplete into a much more poised ambience in which the plodding drum beat continues – which may suggest a build-up of sorts. Instead, the whole track just falls a bit flat. Any venom that was introduced by the previously discussed elements is essentially placed on hold by the slightly too chilled refrain. Moreover, while Don Broco have never been known to have the most poignant or provocative lyrics, the words here are particularly nothingy.

The outro is phenomenal. The chunky riff warps into a jagged clusterfuck of dive-bombing pitch bends, it’s a proper neck breaker – it’s just a shame it only lasts about 10 seconds. That’s pretty much the story of Technology – there are moments of sheer brilliance, however, other moments fall slightly short. Comprehensively, it is a great song and will sound great on the new album, as well as being a solid addition to their already outstanding live set.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.

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