An odd combination – quintessential Lana returns for the long-awaited collaboration with hip-hop star, A$AP Rocky.

Combining the commonplace, familiar and gradually building emotion often integral in Lana Del Rey’s songs with the hip-hop style of A$AP Rocky is a risky move. The two styles may juxtapose each other in disparate contrast and ultimately result in a piece of music that is lacklustre and disjointed. Luckily, Lana and Rocky have hit the nail on the head, with Lana’s strong vocal timbre essentially being strengthened and complimented by A$AP’s short verse.

In fact, A$AP Rocky’s verse may just be the thing that really makes this song stand out within Lana’s discography. It adds a level of flair and individuality and, in truth, his voice works wonders with Del Rey’s during the last chorus. At just over four minutes, the song is a simple and sweet ballad preparing the world for what fans have dubbed ‘Happy Lana’; a reference to the first album in which Lana Del Rey smiles on the cover, and eschews any melancholic songs.

Groupie Love is a quick and easy listen, and a terrific addition for fans of Lana Del Rey. I might warn people unfamiliar with Lana’s style that this is quite unlike everything else in her library, though that shouldn’t deter you from checking out the rest of her albums.

3 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.

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