If you’re looking for a door into a new band, there is really no better way than To Kill A King’s newest acoustic EP.

To Kill A King were recommended to me around a year ago now, which is really quite fitting when you think about it; here I am, a year on, trying my hand and recommending them to all of you reading this review. The London-based band write truly beautiful music, music that really doesn’t reach out to as many people as it deserves.

To Kill A King have recently released an EP, which features a selection of acoustic renditions of their songs. Now, I’m generally not overly-keen when bands and artists release acoustic versions of their music, however in this case, I get it. To Kill A King are by no means a massive band which is sad based on how talented they are. Nonetheless, this EP does work as it allows a metaphoric door to be opened upon their work, it is the best way for newcomers of the band to look at the talent on show and hopefully be a bridge to their many other pieces of music.

The EP is good, The Good Old Days is an amazing song anyway, however as an acoustic version it is something else. The emotion on show is just heightened by the under-produced nature of the unplugged acoustic versions. The EP is a strong stand-alone as a piece and as I say it has a purpose which I’m sure it will achieve.

Is it To Kill A King’s best work? Of course not, I don’t think it would have ever been released with the purpose to fulfill that role. What it does do is show us that something big is coming in the near future, and I predict a big year for the band in the coming year.

Please go check To Kill A King’s newest EP out. They write beautiful music and it really is on show here, so go give them some love because they really have nowhere near as much support as they should.

4/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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