Modern pop-rock at its finest. The Xcerts look set to make their mark on the mainstream.

Three years on from 2014’s phenomenal, yet underappreciated, There Is Only You, this trio from Aberdeen have finally satisfied our cravings for new material. Feels Like Falling In Love carries itself with all the sensibilities of an established and certified pop song – the verse runs with light progressions that are embellished with the vocals of frontman, Murray Macleod. The track really explodes and gains its identity within the chorus. A crash in the rhythm section and an overdriven guitar signify the rock side of The Xcerts, all the while, Macleod cries the titular lyrics in an unmistakably impassioned fashion.

Every element of this song points to success – both in critical acclaim and in a sense of wider reception. For one reason or another, it has always felt as though this humble three-piece are on the brink of blowing up, but haven’t quite made it yet. I can’t for the life of me think why. Their debut, In The Cold Wind We Smile, is a top-notch demonstration of pop-punk/rock and, whilst their sophomoric effort (2010’s Scatterbrain), saw the band adopt a darker aesthetic that may not have been as accessible, it was still a progression that displayed maturity and raw talent. Personally, I believe that 2014 was the year that The Xcerts nailed their sound. Despite a widespread positive response and lead single, Shaking In The Water, receiving considerable attention, the album as an entity somewhat failed to make the impression that the band would have hoped.

Assigning the ultimatum that this is finally the time for The Xcerts to encompass the limelight is an unfair approach to take. It’s an unnecessary pressure that shouldn’t factor when it comes to making music – which is, after all, an art form in its purest sense. That being said, music is also a business, and to think that commercial success doesn’t have some sort of influence on a band’s output is frankly naïve. If there is any band out there that deserves to blow up, it’s The Xcerts. Feels Like Falling In Love would sound at home in the Top 40 – the song is catchy, exciting and fundamentally digestible.

There is more to come, and I implore you to get involved with this band.

4/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.


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