The house is almost built with the recent release of their latest EP ‘Saw You in a Dream.’ The fresh extended play is the fourth instalment in the series, creating vast anticipation for the debut album which is rumoured to be finalised later this year, and forecast for release in 2018.

The Japanese House have endured a long journey from their first release in 2015 but also have experienced a rapid increase in popularity over such a short space of time, playing shows of a capacity less than 400 in venues such as The Haunt Brighton and The Joiners in Southampton, to further progressing to support The 1975 at The O2, one of the biggest venues in the UK.

When listening to the EP in chronological order, the progression of the band’s sound becomes apparent but not a single glimpse of a retrenchment. Saw You in a Dream is composed of four songs, the titular Saw You in a Dream, Somebody you found, 3/3, and Count to Nine. After hearing the tracks individually as the band gradually exhibited their work, I really enjoyed each song in their own way. One thing that is consistent throughout the EP is the unique instrumentals and Amber’s eerie vocals to give the final brush to complete the picture, these two combined I believe create the bedrock for the band’s stance. In the final track Count to Nine, the band takes the normal recipe but exaggerates it, resulting in the song itself being nine minutes long, showing what the band is capable of musically with long instrumentals which vary throughout the track creating a story, scene, and setting. The band also brought out a music video to support the opening track Saw You in a Dream. The video gives a deeper insight into the message that Amber was trying to portray, which could be the emotions of someone who was once so important to her not being present in her life anymore and always wanting to be reunited with that past character and the memories that they experienced together.

The EP is collectively very well put-together, with each song presenting its own story and meaning, all of which make me look forward to the debut album even more! I have seen the band numerous times and have never been disappointed. I find myself enjoying the experience every time, but also wondering what the next step will be for the band itself.

If you have not previously seen the band live before I highly recommend it if you have the opportunity. Jamie already covered the single release of Saw You in a Dream, where he elaborated on it a bit more.

You can find it here:

In the review, he states that the Japanese House can be a bit hit and miss with some people, and I completely agree with that statement. The calm sound that The Japanese House release may not be to everyone’s taste.

I eagerly await the next progression for the band, and their inevitable debut album I believe that if we consider the rapid growth that the band has already experienced then they really have the capacity to go far in the industry.

4/5 Bytes.

Dan Baker.

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