Jen Gloeckner is a surreal prodigy, a master of ambience and totally unique. Vine is a standout for fans of other ethereal artists such as Massive Attack or Radiohead.

Straight from the shores of the Mississippi River, Jen Gloeckner has come into her own whilst aiding the revitalisation of the dream pop electronica scene. Vine is the latest effort by Gloeckner and her third album to date. Sitting at only thirty-nine minutes in length, the album is great for those who need to listen to something calming, to wind-down before bed after a hard days work; Counting Sheep and The Last Thought are exceptional at this. The slow tempo, elevating tones, and seductive vocals all work in unison to lull the listener into a sense of relaxation.

The album, as a whole, has much of a ‘lights out and headphones in’ vibe, though not every song follows the aforementioned routine. Jen Gloeckner’s album is diverse and shows heaps of variety within the short, eleven-song tracklist. Bass-heavy songs such as Firefly (War Dance) juxtapose with the relaxed, dreamlike tones of Counting Sheep superbly. Furthermore, Sold and Breathe are reminiscent of alt-pop artists such as Lorde and Lana Del Rey.

I don’t usually listen to electronica music, let alone ones packed with eerily dream-like vocals and instrumentals, though I was pleasantly surprised by Vine. A short, easily digestible piece of music that is entirely enjoyable. I’m starting to look forward to Jen’s new album, and hope that she can continue to build on all the great things presented in this review; for now, I have no major complaints. In her next album, I want to see Jen really push herself. For me, Firefly (War Dance) is the strongest song on the record – I would love her to replicate the intensity shown throughout this track in future work.

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4 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.

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