It’s finally with us, the world has been blessed with LANY’s self-titled debut album; LANY.

It’s been just over a year since I fell in love with LANY. Their music, which generally concerns itself with the topic of love, was one that appealed to me greatly and still does to this day. Everyone has experienced love in some sort of way, no matter your age, and LANY’s music really, in my opinion, acts as an escape for any type of love, albeit failed or current. What the band creates is a viewing glass into your own memories or thoughts in regard to love due to their extremely smart lyricism coupled with beautifully well-orchestrated songs.

LANY was formed back in March 2014, so are a relatively new band in the grand scheme of things. Their first EP, Acronyms, was released in the first year of their forming. Acronyms contained the all-time banger ILYSB (also featured on this new release.) ILYSB attracted a lot of attention online, which then acted as a platform for them to push off. If we move on a year from their forming we see LANY sign with Polydor Records and everything really does look on the up for the American three-piece from LA, as they go on to support a host of larger artists in various world tours. All of this thrown in with a load of single releases in-between is really what bring us to this day, the day LANY finally release their much-anticipated debut piece, and boy, they have not disappointed.

In this album we are presented with a body of work created by somebody who you can only assume has been broken in some sort of way in the past. If LANY are using love for a metaphor for some other sort of heartache I am unsure, but what they have done is devise an emotionally driven album which will surely be hard to top. When listening to the album I can guarantee you will be overwhelmed with the emotion; it’s a real testament to the way it has been written. The album is laced with great songs throughout, and at only 56 minutes long. I don’t understand why you would deny yourself of the treat of listening to it.

The album also does have aspects of comedy. It has a track named Parents, this acts more as an interlude and takes the form of a phone call from a mother talking about her son’s tattoo she has seen on Instagram. This is then followed by the tune I previously mentioned, ILYSB.

However, the album isn’t without faults, which is hard for me to admit because I really do love it. You do, unfortunately, and I’m sure a lot of people would agree with me, have to be in the mood to listen to an album like this, due to its hard-hitting impassioned nature.

Please, if you only do one thing, I ask, in fact, I beg you go and have a listen to the album when you next feel in the mood for some music which is actually going to make you feel something. What LANY have done is amazing, and I can’t wait to see where they go next.

4.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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