Community Festival is a fantastically humble one-day festival that boasts a whole host of exciting bands and artists who will grace the two stages on offer. Here are three of the bands that I am most looking forward to.

1. Nothing But Thieves (Main Stage)


Despite not headlining, Nothing But Thieves are a band that I cannot wait to see live again after being blessed enough to witness their set at last year’s Reading Festival. I believe that at the point during the day that NBT are on stage there will be a considerable percentage of the main stage crowd simply waiting for Catfish and The Bottlemen and The Wombats set. Despite that, I guarantee everyone will go away from Community in love with this band because they really are something special.

You have to hear: If I Get High. Painkiller. Amsterdam.

For fans of: Royal Blood. You Me At Six. Twin Atlantic

2. Clean Cut Kid (The N4 Stage)


This is my slightly more obscure selection, Clean Cut Kid are set to headline the smaller of the two stages on offer, I can only assume that most people will be in the at the main stage at this time, and personally I’m still conflicted as to where I will be when the time for headliners rolls around. If you’re like me and dislike Catfish’s second album then Clean Cut Kid is the place for you to be. They are a certified up and coming band and I predict this festival to really kick their musical career on.

You have to hear: Evelyn. Leaving you Behind. Stay.

For fans of: Sundara Karma. The Night Café. The Amazons.

3. Fickle Friends (Main Stage)


Fickle Friends are a proper feel good band and if the weather holds up and Community happens to fall on a sunny day then the crowd will be buzzing. This coupled with Fickle Friends’ upbeat and catchy songs will honestly create a phenomenal atmosphere. Due to Fickle Friends being quite early on the billing their music will be the boost needed for any sleepers in the crowd and I’m certain that when they leave the crowd they will do so with a smile on their face.

You have to hear: Hello Hello. Brooklyn. Swim.

For fans of: Coasts. Blossoms. LANY

Honourable Mentions:

Community Festival really looks like it will promise to be a fine celebration of both small and large bands. There is a lot on offer at both stages of the festival, and it goes without saying the larger bands such as Catfish and The Bottlemen and The Wombats will be sure to capture the headlines and avoid disappointing the masses.

Check out the full line-up at:

Jamie Law.





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