HAIM are back in full force, releasing their third single of the year.

The festival season in the UK is now rife, with Glastonbury just on its last legs this year-round, this means that the agonising wait until the next year is about to commence. HAIM were one of many impressive acts in this year’s Glastonbury stellar lineup. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. That being said, I did make use of the extensive coverage offered up by the BBC in order to watch HAIM’s set.

HAIM threw us back by showcasing a plethora of fan favourites from their debut album; It was a great sight, witnessing the band back at the top of their powers having thousands of fans singing along to their insatiably catchy tunes. They did also perform the three new singles that have been released this year, the newest of which being Little of Your Love.

Little Of Your Love came out a couple days before HAIM’s Glastonbury set, ample time for their fans to essentially learn the new track; it has a likeable beat accompanied by a bouncy chorus to offer up the complete feel good vibe. After spinning this song a few times, you can pretty much grasp all the lyrics – great, if you love a singalong. However, I am left craving more depth, an increased complexity that would potentially provoke further emotions upon each listen.

In short, I like Little Of Your Love, but I am painfully aware of how this is not HAIM’s best work. Regardless, I’m still extremely hyped for their next album and the opportunity I have to see them play at Reading Festival this year – in my eyes, they are still a great band.

3/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.


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