Virginia Beach dream-poppers float back into our ears with a brand-new single.

In the run up to the peaks of the summer, a hearty dose of Turnover is just what the doctor ordered. It’s been just over two years since we were gifted with the masterful Peripheral Vision, an album that stunned audiences with its unique blend of indie-pop embellished with a contemporary air of psychedelia that is attractive enough to induce a placid euphoria onto the even the most casual of listeners. Peripheral Vision marked a definitive shift in style for this outfit; their debut album, Magnolia showcased an all too familiar emo/pop-punk sound that, while perfectly serviceable, failed to exhibit much of a concrete identity for Turnover. Peripheral Vision achieved this perfectly and has carried this band towards a dynamic and an image that is truly unique.

Super Natural continues in this vein. Opening to a subtle crescendo met with warped arpeggios from two guitars that dance between each other, all the while being carried by a sweeping drum beat – it is a welcome continuation of the sound introduced in 2015. Frontman, Austin Getz’s voice is soothing, to say the least, and his melodies swan atop of the surreal auditory landscape established by the timbres at play throughout the track. The chorus is catchy and undeniably pleasant to experience – in addition to Getz’s distinct vocal track, there is a backup vocal under which it superimposed. The backing vocals in this song are integral to the overall vibe – they provide a dimension that, if this track were to omit, would render it somewhat bland.

While an impressive introduction to the upcoming album, Good Nature (set for a 25th August release), it is not enough to attempt to gauge an expectation of this album as a whole. I am most definitely in high anticipation of Good Nature but I must say, if every track is of the same mould as this incepting single, I fear disappointment. I would hate for Turnover’s sound to become repetitive – a complacency in dynamic is dangerous as it expels the desire to experiment and, subsequently, grow. Of course, it would be wholly unfair to assume this will be the case, it is simply a potential implication that it may be worth holding a consciousness towards. As a standalone single, Super Natural is a track of great quality that will hopefully have a lasting impression.

4/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.

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