Wasting no time in offering up some hot new music, Flor release new single Let Me In.

Just under a month ago, the debut album from this up and coming four piece was unveiled to an eager audience. Check out what I had to say about it here:


Why a band would release a standalone single less than a month from the release of their album is a relatively alien approach to me. However, Flor’s apparently strange approach doesn’t deter from the innate qualities within this song.

Let Me In operates somewhat as an expansion of the album, it has a similar sound as the songs that featured on that album. If you had their catalogue on shuffle, you might be hard pressed to differentiate between this song and other recent material from Flor. Which provokes the question: why was this track eschewed from the track listing of come out. you’re hiding?

I really enjoy Let Me In and, ironically, it is an improvement on several the tracks that did make the cut for their album – I believe its inclusion would certainly have bolstered the overall quality of the album. Perhaps this is a sophisticated, tactical marketing approach by Flor in a ploy to entice a further audience who would then be prompted to refer to the band’s discography.

Whatever the reason behind the release of this single, it is undoubtedly a solid track that boasts an infectious and uplifting beat. I vibe it. Those of you who haven’t heard of Flor, or were unsure of them (possibly as a result of my previous review of them), should definitely give this single a spin and make your own mind up – there is certainly potential here.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.


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