Fickle Friends further their momentum in rapidly becoming one of my favourite bands with the release of their new track Glue.

Fickle Friends excite me. A lot. I’m buzzing to be seeing them in a couple weeks at Community Festival on July 1st and I have only heard good things about the band live. I can understand the hype, they have a multitude of stellar songs already and I can’t wait until they do release their debut album. A colleague from WaveByte was fortunate enough to see them perform live when they supported The Kooks.

You can see what he had to say about them here:

Now for Glue, it’s a very feel-good song that sticks true to the band’s vibe of producing indie-pop music. Whenever I listen to the song I find myself swaying along to its catchy beat, it is really everything you could ask for from a standalone single. It’s good to see the band are sticking to this distinct sound that they had previously established within the majority of the singles they have already released – it really allows for their listeners to understand what to expect – which is high-quality music.

I believe that their live show will be insane and I genuinely can’t wait, I feel like the whole crowd will be popping when they perform, and the people in the audience who have no idea who the band is will surely take a liking to them, what is there not to like?

I highly recommend you give this track a spin, especially with the lovely summer weather we are currently experiencing, it is bound to escalate your mood and leave you with a smile.

4.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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