Eliza And The Bear are back doing what they do best, this time with a summer anthem – Higher.

This band are close to my heart, they are a huge contributor to the reasons why I fell in love with live music. Being the openers at the first ever gig I attended (Imagine Dragons), this band were my inaugural experience of that gig atmosphere. Placed in that crowd and adoring songs such as It Gets Cold and Brother’s Boat motivated me to attend as many gigs as possible.

Higher is great at fulfilling its purpose; a feel-good summer song that you could completely conceptualise to be booming out at a pool party or a BBQ. It boasts a catchy beat which is difficult not to move along to – this paired with James Kellegher’s vocals makes for a very enjoyable track and one which is certainly making its way into my playlist.

However, the song is not trademark Eliza And The Bear. Does this make it bad? Not at all, it’s just different and I respect that. Not content with resting on their laurels as a band, Eliza And The Bear are attempting something pretty risky which has thankfully paid off. I personally believe the song will work wonders for the band. Sure, it’s slightly more commercial than their other songs, but that should help them gain further recognition – which they fully deserve.

If you’re looking for another addition to a summer playlist (or any playlist at that), go give Higher a spin. If it’s not for you don’t fret, because Eliza And The Bear have a plethora of songs which may be to your taste, just go and check them out – it’ll be worth it.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.


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