Self-entitled albums are an ever-popular commodity in the industry and what’s not to love? For debuts, they cement the artists name before delving into a house style adopted further down one’s career, an offering of music that we can associate to a name. Cigarettes After Sex certainly have not surpassed this opportunity with their debut effort.

Being honest, this was my first time listening to Cigarettes After Sex. The band have been gathering a lot of social media attention leading up to and after the release of their debut album and partnered with their distinctive name, I couldn’t pass up to opportunity to have a listen and see what all the hype was about. One thing is for sure; I was not disappointed.

Cigarettes After Sex have done something I have a lot of respect for, they’ve kept it simple – a lot of bands spend an unnecessary amount of time comprising a title, ultimately compromising and juxtaposing the content; especially for an album as crucial as a debut. It is a bold move and a real statement of intent from a band to release a self-titled album, it is the band’s way of creating a real identity. It allows the listeners to know this is who the band are – this is their sound, so embrace it. This is also partnered by an eloquently simple album artwork, a modest, black background with “Cigarettes After Sex” scribed across the foreground in white. The creation truly adding to the soul of this album and who the band really are, they are not trying to present a façade to anyone.

The album is nothing short of brilliant for a debut piece, it has everything you need. It clearly distinguishes and embodies the band’s vibe and sound in the 10 song-offering. Greg Gonzalez’s beautifully distinct voice, when paired with the rest of the band, creates an extremely mellow and chill vibe. Accompanied with the hard-hitting lyrics, the band creates something unique – a piece music lovers can find intrigue in, but something which is extremely beautiful and intimate. I say this with confidence – their work should be experienced by much more than their current 1.1million monthly listeners, Spotify suggest they receive.

This is just a beginning for Cigarettes After Sex. Now they have their debut released, they can strive on to more and more success. This album for a debut is amazing, despite allowing room for some improvement – which is exactly what you would want from a debut piece. I fully anticipate for them to become an extremely popular band within the next 5 years or so. Considering this, I would whole-heartedly recommend that you all go and listen to their debut which sits at only 45 minutes long. They are a band I have a really good feeling about.

4.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.


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