Sober is a punching single that will excite even the remotest of Lorde fans for the release of her newest album.

Fresh from announcing that she’s embarking on “the first legs” of the Melodrama World Tour, Lorde launched Sober, “a last little taste of Melodrama” before the big release in the coming of days.
“love this one to death.” says Lorde on Facebook, and it’s completely understandable; this is the best song from Melodrama so far, and that’s a pretty big statement.

Sober begins with heavily modified keys accompanied with disjointed vocals, which seems to be an acquired taste; I enjoy this kind of sound, but some of my colleagues at WaveByte seem to dislike them. That’s what makes Lorde, and alternative music, so great; everything is relative. The decidedly jarring opening is not like anything we’ve heard in the previous singles, Green Light and Perfect Places, but it’s a nice innovation and change – it’s Lorde taking that tentative step forward before a trademark chorus. Like Perfect Places, Sober is a ballad for those perfect nights out wherein one can just let go and try not to care; “what will we do when we’re sober?”

Sonically, this song is extensive in its use of heavy bass and synth. A few other instruments are used, such as keys and an electronica trumpet, but its real strength resides in Lorde’s vocals. Throughout the song, there are layers of harmonies, blanketed with subtle whispers. Whilst these are nothing too fancy, they do help add some flavour to the tune, as well as injecting some memorability within Lorde’s discography.

Melodrama will be released on the 16th of June, and I’m really hoping that this will be as great as it’s set up to be. Tickets for Lorde’s world tour have also launched today (June 14th), and I wish Lorde all the best with the tour and album launch. Sober is an enjoyable song that stands out and marks a clear distinction in Lorde’s evolution from Heroine to Melodrama, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

3.5 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins

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