With the release of 669, up rises another entity in Toronto’s untouchable and ever-blossoming outfit of artists; enter, anders.

Shrouded in anonymity, there is little we know about the young Torontonian – since 2016, he has released just 4 singles and now, his first EP, 669. An artist I stumbled upon whilst scanning through Twitter, anders, so far boasts a very modest outreach – he has 800 Twitter followers and around 50,000 monthly Spotify listeners, most of which came with the launch of this extremely impressive EP. Since its release on 25th May, I’ve had it on repeat, with single – The Days – gaining a feature on my own June playlist (https://wavebyte.co.uk/authors/).

At seven songs long, 669 explores the true depth of the R’n’B genre – it’s versatile and intuitive, it’s natural and not forced. With or Without stands as the intro to the record and for listeners, old and new, what an introduction it is. anders presents a range of melodies; gritty verses that seamlessly morph into silky high pitched musings in the chorus – all layered upon ghostly vocal dubs and a tidy beat. You for You is by far the standout track on this EP for me – it revels in a simple drum beat and palm muted power chords on an electric guitar with a slight crunch and reverb. Pieced with accommodating vocals, this track is enriched with a maturity very rarely seen in a such a new artist.

anders demonstrates his ability to maintain his vocals at the forefront of the production, seemingly not shying away and allowing the beat to overwhelm his talent. The Days is a wistful, lust-filled single that expresses this so well, the token love song to any successful RnB outfit – encompassed so famously in the Take Care epochs.

The dystopic, musky vocals matched with the clean-cut beats is a pleasure to the ears, whilst hitting you to the core with the heavy basslines. It reminds me of the first time I heard The Weeknd – I knew something there was special with him and, evidently, I was not wrong. I am not saying anders will be hitting the top of the charts anytime soon, he still has room to grow and develop as an artist – find his niche, discover and hone in on what he finds most comfortable. However, what I am saying is that he is well on his way – it is utterly astounding that this is his first extended piece of work and I wish him all the best in his upcoming projects.

I am eager to hear what is to come from such a promising artist.

4.6/5 Bytes.

James Donaldson.

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