Just when you thought all the boxes were ticked, Foo Fighters go and invent a new box.

After such an expansive career, it is entirely plausible to assume that an artist’s output may start to depreciate in quality. In the case of these rock titans, it is tantamount impossible to adhere this assumption unto them. For 23 years now, Foo Fighters have been at the fore of the music industry and have, arguably, cemented their place as one of the most important rock bands of the 21st century thus far. At 48 years old, Dave Grohl has no right to be penning a song this pulse-raising and adrenaline-inducing – but then again, it is Dave Grohl.

Run begins with a chorus of arpeggiated chords and subtle harmonies whilst Grohl croons, inviting the audience to ‘wake up’ and, when the calming intro ceases, we, as listeners, have no choice. The solitarily chugging guitar poises us for what is to follow – an overdriven and pulsating breakdown comprised of Taylor Hawkins’ typically animalistic drumming accompanied by the sheer power of all three of the Foo’s guitarists (Pat Smear, Chris Shiflett & Grohl himself).

Following this, we are gifted with a rock ‘n’ roll song that truly does satisfy all criteria – maturity, raw talent, songwriting expertise, technical prowess and genuine entertainment ooze from this track. The chorus itself is memorable and more typical of Foo Fighters’ sound. Grohl’s spiteful vocals thunder in the verse and are reminiscent of the music produced in the more infantile period of Foo Fighters’ illustrious career (namely those on 1995’s self-titled debut).

If I were to be overly critical of this song, I would discern that the runtime is slightly on the extensive side – for a track with certain punk-rock sensibilities – I find myself wanting a more punk-rock length of the song. Had this song have been kept relatively short and sweet, I believe that the aforementioned punchy aspects of this song would have an even more lasting effect.

Hand on heart, I was not expecting this from the legendary 5-piece. Most recent outputs, Sonic Highways and Saint Cecilia EP have lacked a certain energy and, whilst being very much enjoyable, there wasn’t a huge element of excitement about them. Before Run was released I had missed the elation induced by everything the Foo’s had released up until 2011’s Wasting Light. It appears that the light has returned for Grohl and co. Even at a relatively late stage of their career, I am eagerly anticipating what is to follow from Foo Fighters.

4.5/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.

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