A week prior to the release of her new album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, Halsey releases her most recent single from the record.

Strangers is the third single released thus far from her upcoming, sophomoric effort. This trio of tracks have succeeded in accomplishing what any artist would want to achieve from their single releases – plenty of social media talk on top of the songs themselves have hyped up the fan base who have been patiently waiting for two years since Halsey’s exemplary debut album, Badlands.

This newest single is not exactly what I was expecting in the sense that it doesn’t have the vibe of a ‘hype’ song. It’s a pretty decent song, and I’m sure it will slot nicely into the new album somewhere in the middle of the track list, but I don’t see it being a forerunner for the success of the album. I wanted more from the track, I wanted a complete banger which would serve to fully excite me in the run up to the drop of the new album. Considering that, Strangers does fall short of my expectations but perhaps that is a fault of my own. Perhaps I was expecting too much? It is entirely plausible that Halsey is keeping her cards close to her chest and is planning to unleash some surprises in the full release.

Undoubtedly, Halsey has stayed true to who she has in a songwriting sense whilst simultaneously succeeding in showing a clear progression of quality rather than remaining stagnant. Listen to Strangers, and look forward to when Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is finally released – the standard by which it has been anticipated makes me extremely excited to see what it holds.

3/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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