Chris and Nicole are onto something; this is the type of alternative-techno that is ripe for the industry. Out of the Dark is fresh and pleasing, but does leave us wanting more.

In a world full of alternative music akin to Halsey, Melanie Martinez, and Troye Sivan, it becomes uplifting to receive a submission which entails a piece of music that is by relatively unknown artists. Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson emailed us and requested we give them a listen to their SoundCloud. With a low follower count, these guys deserve a greater outreach. Out of the Dark is the duo’s first single, but Chris and Nicole do pad out their playlist with covers; Green Light and Galway Girl are particularly enjoyable.

I can really appreciate what Chris and Nicole have done here; the passionate vocals provided by both Chris and Nicole are gripping. Whilst Nicole’s ever-present vocals are ethereal and set the tone for the song, a special mention must go out to Chris’ strained tones during the chorus; when they were introduced, I was into this song a lot more than before. The song contrasts with their other covers on SoundCloud, providing a bold step for the small group, but hopefully, one that pays off. It remains to be seen if they can continue to grow and produce songs with a few minor improvements on pacing.

The song is perhaps a little limited by its repetitiveness; the song feels rather samey throughout with no real conclusion or climax. Once the guitar was introduced during the bridge, I was relieved to hear a new instrument to carry over from the synth and mundane beats. In the email, the duo explained that the song was mixed by a producer who’s worked with Billy Idol, Marjo, and Cirque Du Soleil, and whilst I can see this song fitting in at a Cirque show, perhaps it’s time to find a new producer for a real hit. It’s a shame because the opening of the song is strong and gripping, so it’s a pity to see it plateau with no real increase in tempo. However, this is only their first single, so I’m prepared to wait and see what else Chris and Nicole have up their sleeves.

Overall, the song is good. If you enjoy alternative rock music, then it’s worth a listen and I’m enthusiastic to see what Chris and Nicole will bring in the future. If they can improve on what this song, then I have no doubt that their next few songs will be brilliant. Hopefully, the pair will continue to evolve their music style and really find their sound.

3 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.

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