A fittingly-titled album for a band yet to make a massive impression on the mainstream, this release begs the question: where have Flor been hiding?

Going into come out. you’re hiding I hadn’t previously heard much of Flor, and because of this, I was relatively ignorant as to what their sound was like. I found a certain likeness to other alternative bands such as Passion Pit and Fickle Friends, which was a pleasant surprise. The opening track, Guarded, really captured my attention and established a likeable vibe that the rest of the album could follow. Guarded is an embodiment of the genre in which the album is situated and therefore makes it a very well-suited opener.

The album is certainly a grower, the longer you listen, the more you recognise the strength of this piece. This is a mellow listen – certainly not hype music. I would recommend experiencing this album through some good quality headphones – it will allow for an intimate listening experience that also fully illustrates the various layers that have gone into these songs. When being blasted out of loudspeakers come out. you’re hiding can fall short, however, I believe that to be synonymous with this genre – the intimacy is entirely deliberate.

Come Out. You’re Hiding is comprised of ten tracks, which is about right, excessive track listing would potentially have reduced the overall quality of this release as a whole entity. An issue that I must identify with this album is the distinct lack of cutting edge with the music that neighbours it in the alternative genre – with more of an identity, I am sure that the album would be a class above what it currently is. Furthermore, I believe this to be true for Flor as an outfit as well.

The album was a good listen and I certainly will be keeping an eye out for Flor, as I’m hoping that, as they find their feet in the industry, they will eventually innovate that cutting edge and implement it to their art. They have the makings of a great band and have produced an album that I can recommend to all listeners of the alternative genre.

3/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.


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