Silky synths and rampant riffs – the boys are back with a colossal bang.

At the inception of this track, we, as an audience, are poised in an ambient and synthetic limbo – a symphonic climb that is lavished with texture as the song progresses. Where in previous tracks throughout Arcane Root’s hugely impressive discography, the guitar has somewhat embodied the spotlight; frontman, Andrew Groves boasts notoriously outrageous guitar skills. Matter demonstrates a tweaked dynamic in the sense that the introductory guitar part serves to compliment and alleviate the effect that the synth offers – the two disparate timbres operate perfectly in tandem. Of course, superimposed in the foreground are Groves’ typically flawless vocals – again, drawn out to impress a decadent drone onto the listener.

Subsequently, the song bursts into a decidedly more urgent pace – with pulsating riffs (that we now recognise as commonplace in their auditory arsenal) returning to the fore within this track. One of the many awesome aspects of this band is the seamless way in which Groves masterfully tackles these undeniably complex guitar parts whilst maintaining his characteristically biting falsetto. Not to mention the fact that the song strides atop of time signatures that are certainly of low frequency within the modern music industry. Bassist, Adam Burton and percussionist, Jack Wrench cement the dynamic with their proficient technique whilst additionally demonstrating artistic prowess with their own embellishments at various points throughout the track.

This band massively captured my attention through their debut ‘mini-album’ Left Fire (2011). The piece showcased angular, chunky riffs accompanied by rasping vocals, serving to excite an audience – which it certainly did, despite only being an early insight into what this band had to offer. Since then, Arcane Roots have embarked on a journey of maturation, with 2013’s full-length, Blood & Chemistry, 2014’s single, Over & Over and 2015’s EP, Heaven & Earth all showing an ever-increasing focus on the actual songwriting elements and the overall quality of individual tracks. As fans, we were recently given insight into the direction that Arcane Roots seem to be heading in with their sound through the release of their single, Curtains – which will also feature on the upcoming LP. Again, this displayed a more synth-heavy score that was, previously, relatively unheard of in their sound.

After a craving amongst the masses for new material, we are satisfied. Matter is a trademark illustration of music in its most mastered form. The upcoming album that it features on is titled Melancholia Hymns and is set for release on 15th September of this year. If this single is anything to go by, when September rolls around we will be listening to the album of the year.

5/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.



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