We were really excited when Me and the Moon first contacted WaveByte in early April asking us to review their single Get Away. Jamie gave it a 4 / 5 and called it “a real testament to the band and their song writing skills.”

When the band invited us to their single launch I was really enthusiastic to go, desperate to see what else this band had up their sleeve. I was not disappointed.

Shortly before the show, I had a quick sit down with Jonny and Tamara to discuss their upcoming plans. In this transcript, WW stands for ‘Will Wilkins,’ JE stands for ‘Jonny Elstone,’ and TG for ‘Tamara Grzegorzek.’

WW: Hey guys, I’m here with Me and the Moon, we’ve got Tamara and Jonny in the room – say hello guys!

TG + JE: Hi!

WW: How are you guys today?

JE: Yeah not bad, yourself?

TG: Yeah, really good.

WW: Great, so we’re currently sitting in the Boileroom, have you guys ever played in the Boileroom before?

JE: Yeah, a few times actually. Last time I think we played was a single launch this time last year. We played with Youth Club, supporting them, which was pretty cool.

TG: Oh, and that Australian band, Oh Pep! They were very cool, violins and stuff like that.

WW: Oh yeah, I think I’ve seen a poster for them downstairs, it’s one of those band names where you look at it and like..

TG: Interesting…

WW: Yeah, like ‘Ohhhh.’ Speaking of bandnames, ‘Me and the Moon.’ How did you guys come up with this one?

TG: We were having dinner, and we were like.. well, basically, it used to be my band, me on my own, Jonny played bass,

JE: Yeah, we were like a backing band.

TG: We started writing together and we were like ‘well, we need a band name.’

JE: It kind of went from… so, Tamara’s acoustic guitar is like a Luna, and she also has a half moon ring.

TG: So we said ‘let’s go with something moon-related.’ Jonny came up with the name and I was like ‘oh yeah, I like that!’ And that was as it went.

WW: Cool, so obviously you guys are dating, you’re a couple, is that correct?

TG: We are, yeah.

WW: And the third member of your band is Alex, so how did you guys meet him?

JE: So yeah, we kinda met him through uni. We were playing with a couple of other people who played drums and bass, and yeah we just put an ad out and he was the first drummer we wanted to play with.

TG: He just worked.

JE: He just fitted straight in.

WW: So, you guys have a cool sound you’re doing your single launch today, but do you have any bands that you’d call your influences, or you look at and kinda say ‘yeah I’d quite aspire to be like them one day’?

JE: Sonically, I’m into 80s guitar stuff like Johnny Marr, he’s probably one of my biggest influences. Tamara’s more into folkey stuff, so yeah it’s just a blend of those two, but my favourite band is probably Mystery Jets.

TG: I like, yeah a few more folkey stuff like Bono, Van Howard stuff. And then it’s kind of like sits somewhere in the middle, I guess.

WW: Cool stuff, so we’ve talked about you guys as a sound and your single launches are very good, we at WaveByte really enjoyed them, have you guys got any upcoming plans for an album or EP or anything like that?

TG: We’re kind of just writing and recording at the moment and just putting stuff out as and when. We’re hoping to put some more stuff out this year but we have no plans as of yet.

JE: Yeah we have some studio days booked up but it’s just kind of what comes of that. We don’t really know at the moment. We have some songs ready.

WW: You’ve played at the Boileroom a couple of times before, when was the best time that you played here?

TG: Probably our single launch last year.

JE: Yeah, this time last year.

TG: It was our first big headline show and it’s a hometown thing so we had a lot of friends, but it was also the first time we had people come who we didn’t know, and we were like ‘well this is cool, we didn’t know this was a thing that was happening.’ So, that was probably one of our best shows.

WW: Apart from it just being your first big show did anything really memorable happen? Any funny, crazy stories about people in the crowd?

JE: Not really.

TG: Yeah I don’t remember anything exciting happening, it all ran pretty smoothly, nothing broke.

WW: That’s good, I mean I ask that but I’m trying to be like, ‘hopefully nothing bad will happen this time.’ (Laughs)

TG + JE laugh.

 WW: The last time I was in this room, we were interviewing Muncie Girls and they were talking about a crazy gig in Germany. Utter nightmare, so let’s hope nothing like that happens tonight. (laughs.)

TG + JE laugh.

 WW: I unfortunately haven’t been a massive follower of Me and the Moon until recently, when you guys messaged in and asked us to review one of your singles, which was great, but I was just wondering if you guys have ever played any festivals or anything like that? Or are you planning too?

TG: Yeah, so last year was our first festival season. We did Victorious Festival, which was fun.

JE: Blissfield as well, South Sea Fest, where we played the main stage before the Big Moon, which was cool.

WW: Me and the Moon and then the Big Moon, (laughs).

JE: And the stage was sponsored by Blue Moon too! And Little Comets later on!

TG: I think they might’ve only picked us for our name (laughs.)

WW: I like it, that’s cool.

TG: We also did a few one-day festivals, we have a few lined up, like Always the Sun at Stoke Park that the Boileroom put on, we’re playing main stage Saturday.

JE: Yeah, it’ll be really cool.

TG: That’s all we’re allowed to talk about so far, (laughs.)

WW: (Laughs,) that’s fine, that’s completely understandable. Do you have a festival you look at and really want to play?

TG: Mine’s probably Latitidue.

JE: I was going to say Latitiude too, or maybe Festival Number 6.

WW: Very cool, well I can see some people desperate to get in so unfortunately we’ll have to wrap it up there, thanks so much for talking to me. Play an awesome show, really nice to meet you guys!

TG: You too!

This is the type of gig that venues like the Boileroom were made for; wholesome, endearing ecstasy. We at WaveByte really enjoy seeing local talent – it gives us a real sense of community, and we love hearing the different sounds in and around our town. Like most local gigs, the crowd were mostly friends and family, which I personally believe to be one of the best types of audiences. The spectators were warmed up with some more local acts, including Tilly Valentine, James Zealey, and special guest Marika Hackman, all of which did a great job of preparing the venue for a great night.

Me and the Moon’s performance was incredible despite the minor technical issues, wherein the band maintained their professionalism, laughed it off and proceeded to play. The level of showmanship was great to watch. Generally, I really enjoyed this gig and of all the bands I’ve seen in the Boileroom, I would probably call Me and the Moon the greatest success – this was the first show that I’d seen at the Boileroom where the audience were so elated and excited to see the band, proudly demanding “ONE MORE SONG!” at the end of the night, to which the band obliged.

Perhaps my favourite thing about Me and the Moon is just quite how humble they are as a band. It’s almost as if they don’t realise how good they actually are. If you haven’t managed to catch one of their songs yet, I would really recommend it. You can find them on all the usual channels; Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes. I really encourage all our WaveByte readers to support this band – to quote Jamie once again, “Me and the Moon are hopefully destined for greatness.” I couldn’t agree more. Hopefully, when they return to the Boileroom they’ll be able to play a bit longer, even if they’re covering songs. I really enjoy their sound, and can’t wait for more.

A huge thanks to Me and the Moon for inviting us to interview them and review their show, and as always a huge thanks to the staff and patrons of the Boileroom for making the night so memorable. If you’d like us to review your show, contact us at info@wavebyte.co.uk.

4.5 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.



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