By now, you all know how much we love Guildford’s coolest venue here at WaveByte. On the final day of the fourth month of this year, it was Muncie Girl’s turn to illuminate the dark and intimate vessel that is, the Boileroom.

Before the show, I had the absolute pleasure of being able to sit down for a brief chat with the band:

In this interview, AJ stands for ‘Aaron Jackson,’ LE for ‘Luke Ellis,’ LH for ‘Lande Hekt,’ and DM for ‘Dean McMullen.’

AJ: Hi, I’m here with Muncie Girls, I got Lande, Luke, and Dean here. How you guys doing?

LE: Yeah, good

DM: Good thanks

AJ: Thanks very much for spending the time with us, been in Guildford before?

LE: We have, yeah, we played in Guildford once, at this very venue.

AJ: Oh, were you guys headlining that one too?

LH: No, that was with a band called Tellison, from London?

AJ: Oh, sure, yeah.

LH: That was fun, wasn’t it?

LE: Yeah, it was a cool show. It’s one of those venues that I’ve heard of a load, and for some reason we’ve never come across it until like, last March or April? But yeah, it’s really cool.

AJ: Yeah, I remember seeing it on Twitter popping up all the time, then when we came up to Uni I saw Trash Boat here at Freshers, but I haven’t been able to make it back since, which is why I’m happy you guys are here, because I was at Trees last year.

LE & LH: Ah, cool!

AJ: Yeah, obviously you guys were there and had a massive show. It was really cool for you guys, right?

LE: That was a well good festival.

LH: Yeah, it was really fun.

AJ: Yeah and you guys are there again, and I’m there again.

LE: Oh, nice!

AJ: So it’s gonna be fun. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys. I didn’t manage to catch your set last time, but I heard it went really well.

LE: Are you there on the Thursday this year?

AJ: Yes.

LE: We’re playing the Thursday.

AJ: Hell yeah. I’ll be there. Cool, I guess that brings me onto a cliché question, what has been your best show? What was the show you enjoyed the most?

DM: I think it was like, last year we did, we were talking about it the other day actually, but we did Groezrock, and we did a headline release show in London, in Lexington. Both of those were probably the best shows ever.

AJ: What made them so sick?

DM: Uhm, I guess they were just kind of special. The London show obviously was a release show, it was the end of the whole process of making an album. It was nice because I think it was the first time people actually came to see us and were excited about it. And Groezrock was just a really cool festival, and yeah it’s just a lot of fun.

AJ: And congratulations on the record, I’ve been listening to it a lot since it came out, and it’s really good.

LH: Sweet, thank you!

AJ: You’ve captured a lot of people’s attention with it, which I’m sure you were hoping to do. Super catchy, and super accessible as well. The sound you guys got is something a lot of people can easily get into, you know?

LH: Do you think so?

LE: That’s cool to hear, because we get like the most varied… well not the ‘most varied,’ but a big variety of ages who come to our shows?

LH: It’s weirdly either like middle-age to old men,

AJ: Wow.

LH: Or seriously young girls? Like really young, like 12? Or 60 year old men. There’s like three people in between. They really come out in their numbers, don’t they?

LE: Yeah, it’s cool, it’s cool. You don’t see that that often, like a real diverse age range at one show. It’s weird, but it’s cool.

We enjoyed a good, long chat with Muncie Girls. So, for your convenience, you can listen to the rest of the interview here: 

The night began with strong support from Seasonal and Best of Enemies, respectively. Both bands here did a great job in setting the mood for the show and, by showcasing their catchy, pop-punk hooks, the crowd were well and truly nestled in anticipation for the acclaimed headliners.

Since the release of debut effort From Caplan To Belsize, Muncie Girls have been moving from strength to strength in terms of making a name for themselves. This run of shows precedes what looks to be one of the most exciting summers that Muncie Girls will have experienced as a band. In June, they head to Australia with The Hard Aches, followed by a host of festival appearances as well as supporting pop-punk royalty, The Wonder Years at Nottingham’s Rock City. This band is going places – literally.

Tonight, they headline. From the inception of the set, the audience were treated with a familiar punk energy, accompanied by a melodic melancholy that truly sets Muncie Girls apart from the crowd. It is difficult to identify particular highlights from the show due to the simple fact that there weren’t any dips in the quality of the performance, however, Learn In School, Respect and Social Side were particularly well received.

All in all, Muncie Girls impressed and their live show manages to capture the quality that they have embodied in their early studio outputs. What strikes me about this band is their overtly humble attitude towards their careers so far – it can be heard throughout our interview and indeed across any previous press that these guys have done. The success that they have experienced thus far has certainly not staggered or impeded their astoundingly unpretentious outlook on life.

I’m eager to see what happens next with Muncie Girls, and after seeing them live for the first time tonight, I can’t wait to catch them over the summer. Finally, a huge thank you to Lande, Dean and Luke for giving their time up to allow us to interview them – it means a lot to us.

4/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.

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