Life of the Party is sadly quite dull, and it appears ATL have hit an all-time low.

If you read my previous piece on Last Young Renegade, you’ll know I’m not a huge fan of All Time Low’s new sound. I cannot abide Dirty Laundry and Last Young Renegade seemed to test my personal taste. It’s a shame because, aside from the lyrics, Life of the Party is not a bad song, it’s not the most exciting song and it definitely won’t be the life of any party, but it’s an enjoyable enough beat – reminiscent of the newer Bring Me The Horizon sound.

My teenage self is desperate to enjoy the new sound of bands in the similar bracket to All Time Low, such as Fall Out Boy, and Paramore, but it seems to me that only Paramore are taking steps in the right direction. I understand that bands will evolve their music style, just as my taste has evolved, though I can’t shake the feeling that bands such as ATL and FOB are still trying to cater to a younger demographic, rather than growing with their fans. Or, perhaps it’s a sign that I’m growing out of what could have been a ‘phase’.

Each single that All Time Low have released recentlyseems to try to continue the ‘emo’ genre that they comfortably rested in during the Nothing Personal era, though there’s a noticeable shift in focus. Songs like Weightless and Therapy focused on Alex Gaskarth’s insecurities, and what he could do to improve himself. It was relatable. The three singles seem to just focus on how ‘edgy’ the boys have become; their room is dirty in Dirty Laundry, and they don’t take care of themselves. On top of that, his partner’s left him, and he won’t give her up. Then with this new release, he stays up until 04:00 drinking and thinking how he can ‘fix himself.’ Again, it might just me be getting older, but this is no way relatable. I’m getting worried for Alex, like a concerned parent.

Either way, I hope that they continue to step in the right direction with the instrumentals, as they have here; the beat in this song is a vast improvement on the two previous singles. I just hope they start to be a bit more inspired with their song writing.

3/5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.


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