After a lengthy quiet period of 3 years, HAIM are back with a bang.

HAIM burst onto the scene 4 years ago with their debut album Days Are Gone, an effort that made so many fall in love with the three Haim sisters and their drummer, Dash Hutton.

A lot of the singles from their first album were a commercial success which perplexed fans regarding the hiatus and subsequent delay between new material. It was not for a lack of support, as the band had gained a considerable following off the back of their debut. New music was very much in high demand.

Fast-forward to the 27th of April 2017 and from out of nowhere HAIM’s official Vevo on YouTube uploads the new single Right Now which is currently still unavailable on both Spotify and ITunes. The song is currently sitting pretty racking up the view count and likes as you read this review – the comments of the video is also plastered with fans apprehensively appreciating the song whilst simultaneously pleading with the outfit not to leave for such a long period of time again.

Now the actual song Right Now is one, which I believe to be an extremely fitting piece to re-introduce yourself to the music industry. It is just HAIM, they haven’t attempted to be something they aren’t or tried to make music which would regain them the fame they once had. One can tell that the three-year gap was a period where they have got their heads down in order to produce quality music – like this track. This also offers a small insight towards what is to come from their return and if this is indeed the return of HAIM, I’m sure that they will dominate the pop-rock scene as they once did before.

I personally am a fan of HAIM and seeing them on the lineup for Reading Festival, which I will be attending, is a prospect that excites me as I have no doubt that they will be fantastic live.

4/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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