The Japanese House are back with a new track and a whole host of news.

The Japanese House premiered their new song ‘Saw You in a Dream’ on the evening of Wednesday 26th April. It comes around amongst high speculation from their ever-growing fan base that an official date for their first studio album would be revealed. Unfortunately, this was not the case – this, however, by no means left us feeling let down.

The Japanese House, who are currently touring Europe and the UK, squandered many hopes on Beats 1 radio show by classifying ‘Saw You in a Dream’ as an initial track for an untitled, four track EP – set to be released in the latter half of this year. Amber Bain, the lead vocalist to The Japanese House, also stated that concluding the current ongoing tour, she will dissipate to finish up the album that all the fans alike have been yearning for. She postulated that come to the end of 2017, the album should be finished, but, has doubts the band will be able to release it until 2018.

Now a more in-depth consideration into the new track ‘Saw You in a Dream’. Straight up – I really like it. It exhibits the progression the band has made and continues making, whilst also showcasing what The Japanese House are all about. Amber’s unique vocals tied in with a pleasing laid back and chilled beat create a perfect balance to make the listener feel completely at ease. It sounds like a song that was made to be played live – which is why it is so fitting to release when they are on tour. A teasing strategy to whet the appetite of the fans who are all eagerly waiting for the day they get to see the band perform.

However, The Japanese House do receive a lot of unjust hate, at least in my view, with their outfit often being brandished as having a “boring nature”. I respect people’s opinion, especially in this instance because, sure, The Japanese House aren’t exactly writers of ‘Hype Music’ but what they do is still fantastic and something which I love very much. ‘Saw You in a Dream’ most definitely is a favourable song and the progression I mentioned earlier is such an encouraging thing to see as a massive fan of the band. I hope they continue to impress their evergreen fan base, who along with myself will be following them all the way on their journey to greatness.

I am lucky enough to have seen the band perform twice prior to this song and would recommend it to anyone who gets the chance – they really do put on a show and are eminently genuine musicians.

4/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.


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