That’s Your Lot – what else could you ask for?

Singer Ben Gregory, bassist Frank Wright and drummer Harris McMillan collectively make up Blaenavon who’s debut LP launched on Friday the 7th of April 2017. Initially, when I heard that the trio were set to release an album I was immensely excited. I have been lucky enough to have seen the band live a couple of times previous – supporting various acts at a venue local to me, Portsmouth’s Wedgewood Rooms.

Upon my first few listens of the band, a couple of songs that shone through for me were Let’s Pray and My Bark is Your Bite. Both tracks offered up the impression that this band possesses a great deal of potential to succeed in today’s saturated music industry. The band effectively distinguish themselves from the crowd and have established a unique sound that they remain true to throughout the record.

Regarding the album itself, I was delighted. Reflected within this record is Blaenavon’s hard work and determination to make a name for themselves in such a competitive industry. In a recent Facebook post, they explain that it took them 5 years to produce the album and further go on to declare it a “dream-like album” that they never thought would happen.

That’s Your Lot consists of 12 songs, making up 59 minutes of what can only be described as an astoundingly enjoyable experience. A personal favourite track is Prague ’99 an upbeat number that still manages to maintain an air of atmospheric calmness – a trait that Blaenavon consistently execute to perfection. Furthermore, the refrained moments in the track that strip the timbre down to a lone guitar track truly allow Gregory’s vocals to bask magnificently in the auditory spotlight – once again, offering this track another dynamic that can only further highlight the areas in which Blaenavon excel.

A wide variety of songs sees That’s Your Lot cater for a fair number of people. That being said, the band’s unique twist remains. Let Me See What Happens Next is a track that has been stripped back, merely to vocals accompanied by a piano, creating an impressive ambience that makes for a fantastically peaceful piece of music.

To conclude, I thoroughly enjoyed this debut effort and will certainly be anticipating the forthcoming outputs that Blaenavon should offer us. Moreover, I will keep an eye out for their upcoming live ventures because, as I mentioned previously, my prior experiences were very well received indeed. I sincerely hope that this band persists with their stellar work ethic by continuing to embark on many live shows whilst simultaneously producing great music – such as that displayed in this album.

4/5 Bytes.

Daniel Baker.

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