A heavy beat with stellar lyricism – Rogue State teams up with Dux to take grime back to the basics.

Rogue State is the performer alias of Alex Bone, who is currently studying Electronic Music Production and this is certainly reflected in the work that we have seen from him so far. Just from listening to the beat that carries through Running one can hear the measured approach that has been taken – there is a method behind the apparent hectic nature of this track. There is a distinct fluctuation from a carefully poised verse to a more elevated chorus, which is, once again, a demonstration of well-planned song writing.

There is, however, a certain element of naivety here. I want to draw comparisons with the beat in hip-hop goliath Kanye West’s On Sight – the reverberating notes grind against our ears in the most positive way possible, the rawness that is often lost in tracks that are heavily influenced by electronic instrument production is definitely present here, which is great. One can’t help but notice the room to grow; Bone’s tracks are decent but they are a work in progress, and I’m sure there will be many an improvement over time. There is a slight lack of conviction at the moment – with this type of track you need to go in hard, or don’t go in at all.

Talking about going in hard, Dux (AKA Niall Sheerin) performs in a manner that adds a degree of tenacity to the track. The pace is relentless and the flow is nearly flawless. By refraining at just the right times, Sheerin shows a maturity that is ever too absent in such a huge number of grime rappers. This maturity is also reflected in the content of his lyrics – he is sure to remain humble in his words as he reminisces about starting out as an MC. Alongside the reflective humbleness is a swaggering confidence – a trademark that any aspiring artist needs in order to stand out in a competitive industry and Dux is certainly on the path to cracking it.

Overall, Running is a good track. The beat and lyrics form a solid relationship that makes for good listening and there are several positives that I have mentioned. I hope that soon, Rogue State finds that cutting edge to place him in the upper class of electronic music producers as his early work is showing definite signs of potential.

Finally, large up the OPGS massive. I was humbled when Rogue State came to me to discuss the possibility of the feature as myself, Bone and Sheerin are all alumni of the same secondary school. It’s great to see old friends pursuing what they do best and I sincerely wish them the best.

Running is set for a release across all major digital music outlets on 21/4/17.

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1224064896?ls=1&app=itunes

Apple Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1224064896

You can check out more from Rogue State here: https://www.facebook.com/roguestatemusic/?fref=ts

If you have a track you would like us to review, you can email it to us at info@wavebyte.co.uk .

3.5/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.

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