“So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your rover” – Lyrics myself and I’m sure many of you have sung all too frequently.

When I hear the name The Chainsmokers I immediately think of their hit single ‘Closer’, a single that revells in its commercial success and radio overplay. However, The Chainsmokers have so much more to give musically, and the commercial success they received from earlier hits such as ‘Closer’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ has propelled them to where they are now – releasing their debut album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’.

When it comes to music that is considered ‘chart music’ I tend to stay clear for the most part. I have no shadow of a doubt that this album will chart high, if not on top of the bunch. There are certain tracks on the album that are commercially pleasurable, including ‘Paris’ and ‘Something Just Like This’ – two of the singles released prior to the albums official release date. The reason I tend to stay clear of ‘chart music’ is a lot of the time due to its ‘sell-out’ nature, a method of simply making a song to which the masses will like for a short time, paired to what may be a catchy beat, melodies or lyrics.

The Chainsmokers, however, have not sold out whatsoever when it comes to this album. They have simply come into the music industry at a time where it was missing a duo like them, a fact they have benefited from since their debut single ‘#Selfie’ in 2014 – a single that when first released, I thought was a parody song. Nevertheless, it went to gain impressive commercial success – reaching the top 20 in many countries across the globe. I believe The Chainsmokers have become less commercial over the past 3 years since their initial success, due to the talent Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have at blending dance, pop and Indie music, allowing them to have reached the heights they are today at.

The album name for a debut piece is perfect, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ – a title the duo and fans alike will reminisce in years to come and truly see this as a collection of songs to remember. A few of the songs on the album have speech recordings of the duo and other artists who feature on tracks talking, in some cases joking around to just truly embody the whole creation of memories – ultimately fitting in with the album title and giving it meaning.

A favourite of mine from the album is ‘Honest’. A song that begins with speech; it seems to be a snippet of conversation where they are conversing over what they think of themselves and that you should always be first to out yourself before others get the chance too. The song is one that stands out to me. Unfortunately, it probably won’t get commercial success like a lot of the other higher tempo songs on the album, but to me, it perfectly embodies The Chainsmokers.

Overall, I feel like the album is an evidently secure debut piece. No, it does not have ‘Closer’ on; but is that so bad? – I’m sure you’ve heard it enough already. I would, however, recommend the album, it has a song for every mood, and if your curious to hear some of The Chainsmokers work that isn’t continuously plastered on the radio every day this is a good place to start.

 4/5 Bytes.

 Jamie Law.


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