British Sea Power’s majestic Indie sound is back again with “Let the Dancers Inherit the Party”

Prior to hearing this album, the name, British Sea Power was one I had heard, but not yet explored. However, this did not put me off listening to their album – which proved a great place to start – it is an album that is very well put together with impressive songwriting by the indie outfit.

This Brighton-based band are a strange one, their music can vary in style from one track to another. Throughout their time, they have employed unusual lyrics, a clear demonstration of this can be witnessed on the song “Keep on Trying (Sechs Freunde)”. Sechs Freunde of course being German for six friends, a reflection which, perhaps not so coincidentally, is comprised of six members. (This also happens to be the sixth album the band have released). This track embodies exactly what the title of this album hints towards – the upbeat nature embodies the notion of letting the dancers inherit the party.

No album is without its issues. Many of the songs were rather lengthy, which I understand cannot be helped sometimes; it is, however, a pet-hate of mine when it comes to music. This being said, a stand-out track for me was ‘Electrical Kittens’ which, although standing at just over five minutes long, has earnt a place as one of my favourite songs – it is a complete banger.

At points, the album felt slightly disjointed to me on a personal level. I just couldn’t vibe on some of, what I would refer to as, the weaker tracks on the album. This did unfortunately implicate my overall enjoyment of the album in its entirety. Despite this, I have not been discouraged when it comes to British Sea Power; they are a band that I would love to see live as I have heard a great deal of praise regarding their performances.

Overall I enjoyed listening to ‘Let the Dancers Inherit the Party’. I would recommend listening to his album as well British Sea Power’s previous releases – they possess a great deal of musical talent which, at the very least, warrants you guys giving them a spin.

4/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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