Occasionally, I like to try and find new bands to listen to. I have a rather obscure music taste, and so it’s hard to find something that I really enjoy upon first listen. Cassels have absolutely hit the nail on the head for me.

Their website boldly states “We’re a two-piece comprised of two brothers, however, please note that neither of these facts should be considered noteworthy.” With only 266 followers and 666 listeners monthly on Spotify, I feel like I’ve struck gold. As I said before, my music taste is odd at the best of times. Whilst I enjoy a wide variety of music, nothing makes me feel happier than listening to the simple setup of a distorted guitar, some drums, and a singer who is passionate about what he’s singing about.

Cassels have unquestionably captured my attention.

Something that struck me as quite interesting is that the Spotify version of The Weight, whilst still distorted, seems to be cleaner than the version that the band uploaded to their SoundCloud page (which, I fully recommend you check out; https://soundcloud.com/cassels-official ). The SoundCloud version has a much deeper sound with rough bass – if you’re into that kind of thing.

I showed this song to my colleague Aaron ( https://wavebyte.co.uk/category/aaron-jackson/ ) who provided me with some insight; whilst he agreed that this song is good, he voiced his scepticism of two-piece bands. A lot of my favourite bands consist of either two or three members, so I was really intrigued to see what he was unsure about, and he pointed out that sometimes, music needs a few more extra layers. It can’t always be as simple as a guitar and drums; “Sometimes you need a deeper dynamic – different timbres in order to keep your sound varied and engaging.”

The Weight is the first song that Cassels have released in 7 months, and I really do hope they release another song soon – if it’s anything like this song, I know I’ll already love it, though I also hope they prove Aaron wrong, and do keep their sound fresh. Overall, I really enjoy this song. I’ve been trying to find a band that I really resonate with, and this might be the next ‘big thing’ in my music library.

4 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.

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